The Crypt has Eyes

In Silence I walk this Path
The Path that leads to the Crypt
Where the Voices of the lost Souls
Echo in the empty Room

As I behold the Shadows rise
Noone here knows the Crypt has eyes

"I have come here to gain Wisdom"
But as they chant I get weaker

(The Undead cried:)

"You have come here to gain Wisdom
For your Afterlife
But you disturbed our Peace
So soon you will know
What it means to be a Vampire"

Now I see that I am trapped in this Vault of Darkness
And I see true Horror, they will take my Life and end it
And I see the Reaper, he takes his Scythe and swings it
And I fall to the Ground, my Blood is flowing down to Hell

The Crypt came alive
The Crypt has Eyes
The Crypt came alive
The Crypt has Eyes
The Crypt has Eyes


(Music by Azter/Lyrics by Ustumallagam)


(Music by Paul Chain & Steve Sylvester/Lyrics by Steve Sylvester)

(Lyrics can be found on the Death SS album "In Death of Steve Sylvester")

Denial Of God/Horror Musick
All rights reserved