The Curse of the Witch

One Day in August Mina Rice
Was picking Belladonnas 
As she heard the Cries of a Crowd coming
Then she knew her Time had come
She didn't even try to run
Because she knew it was too late
No matter what they would do
The Dark was sure to make them pay

Soon they found her and stopped shouting
A new Victim for their Trials
Was it her Fault that the Clayton
Family's Child died of Fever
Yes it was but Nobody knew
Nor did anybody care
But they surely found their Scapegoat
Mina Rice was dragged away in Chains

You could not see on her face
That her Life had come to an End
She wept no Tears, what a strange Girl
Covered in beauty yet so mysterious
From her Cell you soon could hear her
Sing her lonely Songs of Twilight
A Fire should light up the Landscape
And so she was dragged to the Stake to burn…

Dragged to the Stake there 
to burn in the Moonlight
Satan's Disciple to die on this Night
A Crowd of Cowards screaming out against her
"Let the Devil burn your Soul In Hell for Eternity"

The Stake caught Fire
And lit up the Dark Night
Knowing that Someone 
Saw it from the other Side
Her once purple Eyes turned black as a Raven
She screamed out a Curse
that should haunt them for Eternity

(And the Witch cursed them all:)
"Oh, who are you
Mere Mortals and Disciples of God
Is it not known to you who my Father is?
I shall come back
Bringing with me the Legions of hell
And haunt each and everyone of you
Till there's Noone left!"

And so she did…

(Music by Azter/Lyrics by Ustumallagam & Azter)

The Witch - Now a Restless Spirit


(Music by Azter)

Black Horror Metal

Our Lives begin at Midnight 12
Witching Hour it's Time for Hell
Tonight you'll hear the undead rage
See Zombies entering the Stage

We'll take away your Christ
Instead we'll give you Death

Vampires leave their Coffins
Wolves howl at the Moon
We're gathered on this Horror Nyte
Death will be here soon

And the King of Hell does smile
Watching the Creatures He gave Life

The Ghouls of DOG are creeping
From every Hole in the Ground
You see their long, long Fingers
They have come to drag you down
A Scream leaves your Throat
But soon it drowns in Blood
Eyes staring without Life
Beyond this cursed Ground you will rot

(Solo: Heavy Metal Horror)

Amplifiers burn
Gravestones crack
With painful Noise we summon you
Black Horror Metal Attack

We want the living Dead
And the Dead must live again

Black Horror Metal Attack!

(Music by Azter/Lyrics by Ustumallagm & Azter)

Medieval Mysteries (Superstition)


(Music by Azter)

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