Before the Dawn…


(Music by Azter)

The First Power

In the Darkness of my Mind
I approach the End of Time
Slowly losing my Grip
The Lips of Death I lick
My Soul is leaving my Body
To return in another Form
Even from beneath the Ground 
I will be reborn!…

My Resurrection so grotesque
The World to conquer now awaits
The Power of my forgotten Soul
Reincarnating all that hates

Now I am down below
Again my Life shall flow
I await the Sign of Life
So again my Hate shall rise
I must die to live again
I must live to kill again!…

Satan Grant me the first Power
To rise from Hell!…

(Music by Azter/Lyrics by Ustumallagam and Azter)

Follow those who died

I sneak through the Woods on a ghastly Night
I extinguish my Candle as I hear a Sigh
I watch the Souls sweep through the Fog
Cries from the Tombs now unlocked…

I try to run but I cannot hide
They smell my Flesh and taste my Fright
They are coming closer and all I see
Are sad, dead Faces staring at me

The Lightning strikes under the Moon tonight
They cry out my Name, I have to die
They start laughing through my Veil of Fear
There's no Escape, my Death appears…

(Voices of the Souls:)
"Look behind the Tress and see if we are there
Stare into my Eyes, Grey becomes your Hair
We'll lead you to your Grave, you'll see the Dark shine
Forever in the Forest with us at your Side…"

Buried in Darkness, Torment and Pain
To conquer a Soul they have risen again
They want me to follow, this is my fate
Forever now buried in a nameless Grave

I must follow those who died
Walk into nocturnal Graves
I must follow those who died
Walk into nocturnal Graves…


(Music by Azter and Kulmar/Lyrics by Ustumallagam)

The Crying Usher

Divine Beings engulfed by the Earth
A lost Soul sunk into Silence
A Cry for War and Ages in Ice
He cries for Help with unheard Cries…

In the silent Pandemonium
He stands as a Shadow full of Grief
Reaching out for the Light
But only touching Disbelief

The silent Usher is crying
Lonely for a thousand Years
Weeping Floods of Loneliness
Which Origin noone has ever seen

The Usher's Heart is bleeding
In Fear of Immortality
For Eternity to guard the Gates
The Gates to eternal Misery

Faces in the Wall are staring
Captured in Stone for Centuries
Funeral March, Uztam calls
But the pale Usher will never be free

There he stands all alone
To guard the Gates in Silence
He has been alone for a thousand Years
His Cries are unheard
Never released
Never released
Never released
Never released

(Music by Azter/Lyrics by Ustumallagam)

The Dawn of Aemizaez

In the Dawn of Aemizaez
Natan will sit on his Throne
Made of impaled Remains
Of the ones who reigned before

From beyond the Pandemonium
Come the Souls of Ixymalem
Gathered at the Demon's Gate
A Force that shall always rule

!eromreverof elur llahs taht ecroF A

But now my Time has come
I feel the End is near
The Battle is fought and won
There is nothing left to fear
I go to a Place
Where I now shall dwell
I have always had a Place 
Reserved in Hell…

(Music by Azter/Lyrics by Ustumallagam)

© Denial Of God/Horror Musick
All rights reserved