The Ghouls of DOG

Darkness has fallen over the Earth…
The only Light that shines is the pale freezing Moon
Shining through the Fog
That sweeps out of the Forest
And finally covers the cemeteries…

Nobody is there except the Wolves
And the Fog that hides their morbid dark Feast
They are robbing the Grave of the Priest…
Can you hear their vicious Laughter
In this unholy Night?

They are not human…
They are…
The Ghouls of DOG…

(Music by Azter/Lyrics by Azter)

Robbing the Grave of the Priest

Together with the Wolves
We gather at Midnight for a feast
Dancing above the Dead
On the Graves of the Deceased
Robbing the Grave of the Priest

With dirty Hands we dig
Into the cold and moisty Ground
To feel the Thrill of Death
Of all the open Graves around
Nobody saw what we found

(Solo: The Gathering of Ghouls)

Gathering around the Grave
Seeking one who passed away

(Solo: Feasting amongst the Worms)

Nobody saw our Faces
We disappeared in the Wind
If another grave has been opened
The Ghouls of DOG are back again
Back again…

(Music by Azter/Lyrics by Ustumallagam and Azter)

Follow those who died

I sneak through the Woods on a ghastly Night
I extinguish my Candle as I hear a Sigh
I watch the Souls sweep through the Fog
Cries from the Tombs now unlocked…

I try to run but I cannot hide
They smell my Flesh and taste my Fright
They are coming closer and all I see
Are sad, dead Faces staring at me

The Lightning strikes under the Moon tonight
They cry out my Name, I have to die
They start laughing through my Veil of Fear
There's no Escape, my Death appears…

(Voices of the Souls:)
"Look behind the Tress and see if we are there
Stare into my Eyes, Grey becomes your Hair
We'll lead you to your Grave, you'll see the Dark shine
Forever in the Forest with us at your Side…"

Buried in Darkness, Torment and Pain
To conquer a Soul they have risen again
They want me to follow, this is my fate
Forever now buried in a nameless Grave

I must follow those who died
Walk into nocturnal Graves
I must follow those who died
Walk into nocturnal Graves…


(Music by Azter and Kulmar/Lyrics by Ustumallagam)

The Crypt has Eyes

In Silence I walk this Path
The Path that leads to the Crypt
Where the Voices of the lost Souls
Echo in the empty Room

As I behold the Shadows rise
Noone here knows the Crypt has eyes

"I have come here to gain Wisdom"
But as they chant I get weaker

(The Undead cried:)
"You have come here to gain Wisdom
For your Afterlife
But you disturbed our Peace
So soon you will know
What it means to be a Vampire"

Now I see that I am trapped in this Vault of Darkness
And I see true Horror, they will take my Life and end it
And I see the Reaper, he takes his Scythe and swings it
And I fall to the Ground, my Blood is flowing down to Hell

The Crypt came alive
The Crypt has Eyes
The Crypt came alive
The Crypt has Eyes
The Crypt has Eyes


(Music by Azter/Lyrics by Ustumallagam)

© Denial Of God/Horror Musick
All rights reserved