Resurrection of the Damned

The Cemetery Gates are clanging
Dogs howl in the Wild so cold
I hide in the Shadows of the Trees
Awaiting a kindred Spirit so old

Then I see her Cape fly by
And a wrinkled Face aged by Time
Her fragile Voice is calling my Name
Awaiting the Church Bell's Chime
Her Eyes are glowing with Mystery
I raise my hand and do the Sign
We mix the Blood with the Soil
Chant aloud the ancient Rhyme

Resurrection of the Living Dead

"Rise my Friends, rise"
The Witch chants while sitting
"Leave your earthly Tombs,
You shall do his Bidding"
The Ground starts to move
And the Dead begin to moan
Pestilent Creatures appear
All rotting Flesh and Bones

"He is your master this Night,
Follow his Token"

(Solo: The Dead stalk the Land)

My Victims suffer a horrible Death
Corpses in gruesome Delight
Laughing at what I have done
As the Dead vanish into the Night

Cloaked in the moonlit Night
I ring the Bell of Darkness

Resurrection of the Living Dead

(Music by Azter/Lyrics by Ustumallagam)

Denial Of God/Horror Musick
All rights reserved