Robbing the Grave of the Priest

Together with the Wolves
We gather at Midnight for a feast
Dancing above the Dead
On the Graves of the Deceased
Robbing the Grave of the Priest

With dirty Hands we dig
Into the cold and moisty Ground
To feel the Thrill of Death
Of all the open Graves around
Nobody saw what we found

(Solo: The Gathering of Ghouls)

Gathering around the Grave
Seeking one who passed away

(Solo: Feasting amongst the Worms)

Nobody saw our Faces
We disappeared in the Wind
If another grave has been opened
The Ghouls of DOG are back again
Back again…

(Music by Azter/Lyrics by Ustumallagam & Azter)

Funeral Fog

(Music by Euronymous & Necrobutcher/Lyrics by Dead)

(Lyrics can be found on the Mayhem album "De Mysteriis dom Sathanas")

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