The Statues are Watching

In this dark Place
Statues of Virgins are crying in Blood
Lost in a dark Maze
The Christian Churches are filled with Rot
Feeling the Presence
Of a dipterous Creature with blackened Wings
Drinking the Essence 
Of a past God to become the King

And the Statues are watching
The pale Faces of the feeble Fools
The grey Walls are crumbling
Into the Darkness of the slayed Tools

And the Statues are watching
The crying Eyes of the Slaves unheard
The blue Sky is fading
Into the darkened Age of His Rebirth

And the Statues are watching
The burning Church, a Reign in Fire
Ulsmarnestus is calling
All Souls to this Funeral Pyre

Jehova is crying
His Powers shall no more reign
The Christians are slaughtered
Dead, and not to rise again
The Seeds were sown
To rise from the Earth and eternally roam
The Seeds have grown
Our Master is present and GOD IS ALONE…

(Music by Azter/Lyrics by Ustumallagam)

The Dawn of Aemizaez

In the Dawn of Aemizaez
Natan will sit on his Throne
Made of impaled Remains
Of the ones who reigned before

From beyond the Pandemonium
Come the Souls of Ixymalem
Gathered at the Demon's Gate
A Force waken by the Storms

!eromreverof elur llahs taht ecroF A

But now my Time has come
I feel the End is near
The Battle is fought and won
There is nothing left to fear
I go to a Place
Where I now shall dwell
I have always had a Place 
Reserved in Hell…

(Music by Azter/Lyrics by Ustumallagam)

© Denial Of God/Horror Musick
All rights reserved